Hello, the names Jesse St. James. You probably already knew that but I felt the need to remind you. I have just recently moved back to Lima, Ohio, God knows why, it's a miserable place. I'm currently working as coach to Vocal Adrenaline at Carmel High, where I will lead them to winning every competition they ever come across. There isn't much else I'm open to share, so feel free to Google me, I'm sure you'll find something interesting.

Oh and I'm also in a relationship with Blaine Anderson. I'm the happiest I've ever been.
Jesse St. James

Finding Blaine || Blaine 

Jesse got up from his couch and shrugged on his jacket. Walking into the hallway he pulled out a couple of blankets. He carried them under his arm as he grabbed his car keys and headed out the door. Putting the blankets in the back seat he got in the driver’s side and turned the car on. Pulling out of his driveway he made his way in the direction of the farms. He drove as slowly as he could without going too far under the speed limit. After about twenty minutes he finally spotted Blaine and pulled over. Keeping his car running he got out and stood at the door, “Blaine?” He walked over towards him and placed a hand on Blaine’s shoulder.

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