Hello, the names Jesse St. James. You probably already knew that but I felt the need to remind you. I have just recently moved back to Lima, Ohio, God knows why, it's a miserable place. I'm currently working as coach to Vocal Adrenaline at Carmel High, where I will lead them to winning every competition they ever come across. There isn't much else I'm open to share, so feel free to Google me, I'm sure you'll find something interesting.

Oh and I'm also in a relationship with Blaine Anderson. I'm the happiest I've ever been.
Jesse St. James

Definitely Drunk || Blaine 

Jesse shrugged on his jacket while periodically checking his phone. He was a little miffed over what had happened between him and Rachel at the coffee shop and was slightly more irritated that she didn’t drop it. Then again, it was Rachel, sighing to himself he walked out of his house and turned to close and lock his door.  Pausing, he began to wonder if going over to Blaine’s was a good idea. He found Blaine attractive, there was no doubt in that, but Blaine had a significant other. Albeit, one Blaine was falling out of love with, but nonetheless a significant other. 

The drive to Blaine’s apartment was surprisingly short. Finding a parking spot, Jesse got out of his car and headed towards the building. After looking around the place, Jesse finally found Blaine’s door and slowly knocked. While waiting patiently he lost himself into deep thought, all of which was about what he was currently doing, why he was there, and most of all, what trouble he could end up getting into.

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